Department of Finance - Planning

The Department of Finance and Planning is responsible for advising and assisting the Rector in investment, planning construction and the purchase of equipment for school activities; making annual and future plans and budgets according to the Law; organizing and implementating the information system of data, to manage and control the sources of funds, the fund for using and accounting, the management of public materials and assets, the implementation (execution) of revenue and expenditure estimates, the implementation  the standard and the norm of the State.

Accordingly, the Department of Finance and Planning has the following tasks:
- Manage, inspect and supervise the export, import, inventory, using the preservation, depreciation and handling the liquidation of public assets according to Law.
- Organize and implement a plan for repair and construction and new material and equipment for the school.
- Assume and coordinate with the related departments to plan the use of  consumable fuels and materials for training;  formulate funds for the purchase and distribution the materials to faculties.
- Inspect and supervise revenues and expenditures, debt collection and payment obligations; inspect and manage the use of assets in order to detect and prevent acts of violation, including violations of law on finance and accounting in the school.
- Analyze the information and accounting data to advise the Rector of proposing solutions to help management in economic decision for the School.
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