Mission-Vison-Goal Strategy

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Training high quality human resources; conducting study on application, transfering of scientific and technological advances, regional and international integration, contributing to the development of human resources in industrialization, modernization and international integration, development of rural areas of the Central Highlands; this includes training human resources in the fields of technique, technology, cultivation, agriculture and silviculture processing as well as rural development.

2. VISION:   

Tay Nguyen College of Technology aims to develop a multi-disciplinary, work force that can operate in ASEAN and international industries with an extensive domestic, regional and international work force.
By 2020, the school hopes to have reached the standard and qualified to give the highest quality of vocational training in the country and the Central Highlands. By 2030, we will have met all the conditions and criteria for being recognized as a University of  Science and Technology.

3.1 Common goal:

Our goal is to raise our basic and comprehensive standards, to ensure good working conditions that promote a high intellectual level in our teachers and school officials. To assist in the training of high quality human resource’s in the Central Highlands;
Creating good conditions for students’s, and to constantly improve the quality of teaching using the lastest methods, for them to advance in their chosen careers.
Working to become one of the key colleges, and to work towards our goal of becoming recognized as a university. Developing our name as one of the finest educational establishment in Viet nam, Asia, and internationally.

3.2 Detail goal:
- Period 2017-2020:
+ Tay Nguyen College of Technology has completed the transformation of  it’s training objectives moving foward into a more  efficient and higher quality multi level training. Meeting an advanced level of scientific and technological abilities to compete in the regional and international development of our name.

+ To become one of the top forty five colleges in the country. To standardize  the quality and efficiency training in nine disciplines up to the national standards and eight disciplines up to regional and international levels’ and continue developing into a University of  Science and Technology.

- Period 2021 – 2030:
To become one of the leading technology training colleges in the Central Highlands and the country, multi-level training with multi-disciplines, in which training of human resources to study the application of scientific and technological practices in high quality agriculture and forestry, processing and utilizing agro-forestry products. Having reach the full condition and criteria to be recognized as a University of Science and Technology.